****BANDCAMP PLEASE HIRE ME**** --Caleb's Bandcamp New and Notable--
I think this was published as an April Fool's joke but this chiptune-videogame-emo shit is mindblowingly good. It is a small, but beloved genre in my heart
Boston-based twee-pop. Got the tone of cuddly 90's groups like Rocketship or Cub down super well, even sounds kind of like an Cherry-Peel-era Of Montreal at times.
Digital Rest Stop has my number and still hasn't texted me yet. kinda fucked up but this music is so good that I forgive him. Can't begin to describe a genre, but it is absolutely nutty stuff. CH Point's Protege.
Mouseatouille is a very good band. Perhaps the best band in the entire universe. Post Office Winter are their friends from Chicago, and they are also quite good at making music. Truly a sweet collab, I reccomend listening.
Very very pretty casiocore stuff, excellent if you like early Alex G (when he sings real high) or Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. Captures that honesty that comes with recording in a bedroom. The PT-30 drum beats kind of make your head explode but you can't help but be endeared. Kick ass music.